Practical Advice Before Getting A Cosmetic Surgery

We recommend that you educate yourself well before opting for cosmetic surgery. This is why our doctors answer your frequently asked questions and already offer you some practical advice before plastic surgery.

Mammal Augmentation: Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About It

Don’t hesitate to discuss your project with other women who have the same idea, or who have already had breast augmentation. You will see that you are far from the only one asking yourself certain questions.

Have exchanges in writing or by phone, talk about them, and visit forums. Many newspapers and magazines even have widely visited newsgroups.

Be Sure Of Yourself

A woman is only eligible for breast augmentation surgery when it is certain that the breast is no longer at risk of developing spontaneously. This can, therefore, be determined at the earliest around 18 years of age.

A breast augmentation is final but is almost never reimbursed by social security (except for certain specific medical cases).

List Your Questions On Paper

On different sites, there are small practical lists summarizing all the important questions to ask during the first consultation. Do not hesitate to add your own.

Do you need nose or chin surgery?

Nose surgery is not always the most desirable intervention to get a good result.

A receding chin makes the nose more prominent. The person who goes to a plastic surgeon asking him to correct a nose that is too large could, therefore, be offered a correction of the chin, for example, by means of a mental implant.

Eye Surgery: Distinguish Eyelid Surgery And Dark Circle Lifting

Sometimes the loose, drooping skin of the upper eyelid is not due to the eyelid, but rather to drooping eyebrows. It is essential to make the distinction well, because, depending on the cause, the problem will be treated differently.

Take the test:

Place your fingers on the skin, just above the eyebrows, or have someone do it. Start by raising the eyebrows, then lower them.

A Visit Every 5 Years

The duration of effectiveness of treatment differs from person to person.

In general, it is estimated to be five years or more. Then an operation can again be considered. Smoking, drinking, and excessive sun exposure can help speed up the aging process.

Belly Surgery: Beware Of Tobacco And Certain Drugs Before The Operation

Before belly surgery, it is important not to take medication to thin the blood. It is also necessary to quit smoking three to six weeks before the operation and to hold on until at least one week after the operation. The use of nicotine increases the risk of poor wound healing.

Sometimes the protuberance of the belly is the result of intestinal dilation and the accumulation of fat around the intestine.

Ear Surgery: Have Realistic Expectations

In addition, obtaining absolute symmetry of the position of the ears is almost impossible. The operation leaves a scar behind the ear, but it is almost invisible.

Nose Surgery (aka Rhinoplasty)

Leading nose jobs specialists in Florida and all across the country offer rhinoplasty services to improve the nose structure for both medical and cosmetic purposes.