“It Is Not For Vanity”: This Woman Tells The Reason For Her Surgery

Pixee Fox is 27 years old and based in North Carolina. She is addicted to cosmetic surgery, and she has confessed that she has had more than 200 operations seeking to look like a cartoon. He has spent more than 570,000 euros spent on these types of procedures, including a jaw repair, a retinal color change, four breast augmentations, liposuctions, labiaplasty, and eyebrow lift. Her obsession: launching her own comic series, becoming the protagonist of the fight against crime.

Pixee appeared on the British channel ‘The Morning’ last Monday to defend his mania for surgery, claiming that he used to be against it until he developed this passion and decided to become one of the first people to “perfect” this field. ” I don’t do this out of vanity. I’m a pioneer; I’m pushing the beauty industry forward.” In addition, she explained that her reasons for reaching this extreme came from a vision she had as a child and that she now wants to make come true.

“I knew from the beginning that he wanted to do many things to me. It’s been a long process for me to get to this point,” he confessed to the presenters of the program. Seven days ago, he was in Seoul to touch up his jaw because it was broken, and he was unable to eat or speak for a week while recovering.

Dysmorphophobia is fear or exaggerated rejection of a part of your own body to such an extent that you are obsessed with constantly changing it.

He also explained that he had visited India to change the color of his eyes to bright blue, an extremely dangerous surgery that is not available in the US or the UK. This personified “drawing” came to the program in a black corset that compressed her waist and acted as an ” external rib cage, “confessing that she wants to reduce it even further.

Fox reassured presenters that they were concerned about her taking it off and the possibility that something might happen to her. Despite reports suggesting that his spine may break, his health is not an issue: ” I could take it from him, ” he says. But Pixee, who claims that her family is happy with her appearance, revealed that she hopes to reduce her waist to set a world record, which is currently at 35 centimeters: ” For me, this is an extreme sport. It is not for everyone, not everyone they would, “he confesses.

The model, who was previously an electrician, says she wants to become a cartoon and star in her own series. Now a much tougher operation is being planned: “I’m going to go into a procedure I invented with a Los Angeles plastic surgeon around my neck. You just have to wait to see it. It will surprise you,” he said.