Author: Mattie Murray

Practical Advice Before Getting A Cosmetic Surgery

We recommend that you educate yourself well before opting for cosmetic surgery. This is why our doctors answer your frequently asked questions and already offer you some practical advice before plastic surgery.

Mammal Augmentation: Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About It

Don’t hesitate to discuss your project with other women who have the same idea, or who have already had breast augmentation. You will see that you are far from the only one asking yourself certain questions.

Have exchanges in writing or by phone, talk about them, and visit forums. Many newspapers and magazines even have widely visited newsgroups.

Be Sure Of Yourself

A woman is only eligible for breast augmentation surgery when it is certain that the breast is no longer at risk of developing spontaneously. This can, therefore, be determined at the earliest around 18 years of age.

A breast augmentation is final but is almost never reimbursed by social security (except for certain specific medical cases).

List Your Questions On Paper

On different sites, there are small practical lists summarizing all the important questions to ask during the first consultation. Do not hesitate to add your own.

Do you need nose or chin surgery?

Nose surgery is not always the most desirable intervention to get a good result.

A receding chin makes the nose more prominent. The person who goes to a plastic surgeon asking him to correct a nose that is too large could, therefore, be offered a correction of the chin, for example, by means of a mental implant.

Eye Surgery: Distinguish Eyelid Surgery And Dark Circle Lifting

Sometimes the loose, drooping skin of the upper eyelid is not due to the eyelid, but rather to drooping eyebrows. It is essential to make the distinction well, because, depending on the cause, the problem will be treated differently.

Take the test:

Place your fingers on the skin, just above the eyebrows, or have someone do it. Start by raising the eyebrows, then lower them.

A Visit Every 5 Years

The duration of effectiveness of treatment differs from person to person.

In general, it is estimated to be five years or more. Then an operation can again be considered. Smoking, drinking, and excessive sun exposure can help speed up the aging process.

Belly Surgery: Beware Of Tobacco And Certain Drugs Before The Operation

Before belly surgery, it is important not to take medication to thin the blood. It is also necessary to quit smoking three to six weeks before the operation and to hold on until at least one week after the operation. The use of nicotine increases the risk of poor wound healing.

Sometimes the protuberance of the belly is the result of intestinal dilation and the accumulation of fat around the intestine.

Ear Surgery: Have Realistic Expectations

In addition, obtaining absolute symmetry of the position of the ears is almost impossible. The operation leaves a scar behind the ear, but it is almost invisible.

Nose Surgery (aka Rhinoplasty)

Leading nose jobs specialists in Florida and all across the country offer rhinoplasty services to improve the nose structure for both medical and cosmetic purposes.…

“It Is Not For Vanity”: This Woman Tells The Reason For Her Surgery

Pixee Fox is 27 years old and based in North Carolina. She is addicted to cosmetic surgery, and she has confessed that she has had more than 200 operations seeking to look like a cartoon. He has spent more than 570,000 euros spent on these types of procedures, including a jaw repair, a retinal color change, four breast augmentations, liposuctions, labiaplasty, and eyebrow lift. Her obsession: launching her own comic series, becoming the protagonist of the fight against crime.

Pixee appeared on the British channel ‘The Morning’ last Monday to defend his mania for surgery, claiming that he used to be against it until he developed this passion and decided to become one of the first people to “perfect” this field. ” I don’t do this out of vanity. I’m a pioneer; I’m pushing the beauty industry forward.” In addition, she explained that her reasons for reaching this extreme came from a vision she had as a child and that she now wants to make come true.

“I knew from the beginning that he wanted to do many things to me. It’s been a long process for me to get to this point,” he confessed to the presenters of the program. Seven days ago, he was in Seoul to touch up his jaw because it was broken, and he was unable to eat or speak for a week while recovering.

Dysmorphophobia is fear or exaggerated rejection of a part of your own body to such an extent that you are obsessed with constantly changing it.

He also explained that he had visited India to change the color of his eyes to bright blue, an extremely dangerous surgery that is not available in the US or the UK. This personified “drawing” came to the program in a black corset that compressed her waist and acted as an ” external rib cage, “confessing that she wants to reduce it even further.

Fox reassured presenters that they were concerned about her taking it off and the possibility that something might happen to her. Despite reports suggesting that his spine may break, his health is not an issue: ” I could take it from him, ” he says. But Pixee, who claims that her family is happy with her appearance, revealed that she hopes to reduce her waist to set a world record, which is currently at 35 centimeters: ” For me, this is an extreme sport. It is not for everyone, not everyone they would, “he confesses.

The model, who was previously an electrician, says she wants to become a cartoon and star in her own series. Now a much tougher operation is being planned: “I’m going to go into a procedure I invented with a Los Angeles plastic surgeon around my neck. You just have to wait to see it. It will surprise you,” he said.…

Everything You Need To Know About Botox

The application of botox is indicated in patients who have wrinkles of expression since they have a powerful muscle that produces a significant contraction and a very noticeable wrinkle. The muscles are not the same in all people; in some, they are thinner, others thicker, with more or less activity.

To obtain a good result, it is necessary to select a patient who has a marked function of the muscle. The strength of the muscle is related to the depth of the wrinkle.

What does the treatment consist of?

The patient is evaluated, the type of wrinkles he has, and if they can be corrected with Botox. It should be mentioned that not all wrinkles can be treated in this way.

The procedure is very fast. You should look for a botox application scheme, that is, mark the areas where it will be administered. Then the substance is injected, and the procedure is practically finished. To eliminate pain, ice, or a little anesthetic gel can be used, which must be removed at the time of application so that it does not interfere with the effect.

In which areas can it be applied?

Magnificent results have been obtained in the wrinkles that appear in the eyebrows (frowning), in the forehead, and in the “crow’s feet” that are formed by the movement of the periorbicularis muscle.

Normally it is necessary to take care that some areas of application are reserved, for example: in the case of the forehead, avoid touching the muscles that raise the eyebrows, since if these are inhibited, the patient is observed with drooping eyelids.

How long after should it be reapplied?

Botox is a temporary inhibitor of muscle contraction. The effect that we achieve when applying it to a patient is that the muscle stops contracting for an approximate period of 4 to 6 months. As applied repetitively, the effect tends to last a little longer, reaching up to 7 or 8 months. The duration of the effect can be affected by different circumstances:

  1. If the person has previously received botulinum toxin and his body recognizes it as foreign, this can cause him to have antibodies, and the effect is less.
  2. It is necessary to use a stable botulinum toxin, well prepared, and that there are no failures in its management so that it does not lose its effect.

At what age is it recommended to use it?

It depends on both age and wrinkles. There may be a 60-year-old who does not have wrinkles or a 30-year-old who has many. This depends on the type of muscles and the form of expression. If the person wishes, as soon as they have some wrinkles, it is the ideal time to apply it.

How long after the results are seen?

After injecting the botox, it begins to take effect between 48 and 72 hours. The patient notes that he cannot contract the muscle no matter how hard he tries. That effect becomes full or complete between 7 and 10 days after it was injected.

What are other applications given to botox?

Another injection site is the neck, and it has recently been shown that it can significantly reduce excessive sweating. The substance is injected into the armpit, and after 6 to 9 months, the patient sweats again, although with less intensity. It can also be applied to the hands and feet.